The challenge of writing this blog is that I want it to be educational, but not overly technical so that everyone reading it either falls asleep or gives up! I recently found this great video on YouTube that may help to illustrate my point: [youtube=] It is my hope that I can provide enough information …

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So we had a short conference with Terry Virgo this weekend, that I had to do sound for at Ferndale High School. At the beginning of the year I scaled down the gear to make the system easier to set up, but for the conference I wanted to have use of a compressor or 4, …

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Last week I spent a couple of hours after returning the HK Sub to G1 Bryanston, testing and throwing away dead batteries, obviously a skill that no one else seems to have… so here are some tips on dealing with batteries in wireless mics: The debate rages: ‘Rechargeable vs non-rechargeable’ In my experience in the …

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