Does God Need Me to Serve?

Just read a great article on the Mars Hill Production Blog (Check it out here) that I believe is relevant to all who serve on a Sunday, but especially to those in the technical areas.
Earlier this year we had a meeting at Montecasino that was quite disaterous in terms of tech, setup went badly, PA was barely working, screen displaying everything in green only… it was stressful! however, it ended up being an incredible meeting in terms of God. I must admit that the following day it was hard for me to accept the fact that, as the article says, God doesn’t need me to serve, and He can accomplish whatever He likes with or without technology. However I have actually come to greatly appreciate the fact that God loves tech too, and He loves to use me to reach people using it, and if I screw it all up, He still gets the job done.
Isn’t it so great to be under His sovereignty and His Grace!

2 thoughts on “Does God Need Me to Serve?”

  1. So right Jimster! He really doesn’t NEED us, but he most definitely likes to use us to show off his magnificent glory.
    And Melissa, I cannot help but feel that your comment may be just a slight bit bias 😉 <- That is a smiley face, which means I am just teasing 🙂

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