Zimbabwe: The Beauty and the Broken

Zimbabwe is a stunning country. I grew up taking frequent trips into ‘the bush’ and I loved it.
Back then I never imagined living anywhere else, that was until the mid 90’s when everyone I knew started to leave.

Well when I say everyone, I don’t mean everyone! My mother still lives there, and one of my closest friends; Craig Roberts. As well as pastoring a church in my hometown Craig runs an organisation called Unseen Pursuit.

We recently collaborated on this beautiful video that I can’t take much credit for. When Craig sent it to me it was already an incredible production with help from Dillan Prinsloo who filmed and edited it.

I had the privilege of adding some finishing touches to the edit, tweaking the color grading and then composing a track & doing the audio mix. Take a look at the video, and remember to live for what matters most…

Zimbabwe: The Beauty and The Broken


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